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Rails testing has serveral options: MiniTest, RSpec, Test::Unit, Cucumber. Test Frameworks make it easier to write and maintain tests. Rake provides rake test and other variations for automated testing.

Example Gemfile for test environment:

group :test do
  gem 'minitest-reporters', '1.0.5'
  gem 'mini_backtrace',     '0.1.3'
  gem 'guard-minitest',     '2.3.1'


Testing Framework in Ruby's vast Standard Library. Faster than RSpec by running tests in parallel. Written more like Ruby code.

Used for unit testing in rails. ActiveRecord::TestCase inherits MiniTest::Test. Automatically generated in Rails for each model.

class TruthTest < MiniTest::Unit::TestCase
  def test_truth
    assert true

Checks truth by each assert statement.
In MiniTest this is done with assertions that will test the object by assert something about it. Take this example of a Post model test.

post = Post.create(title: 'Post title')
# post should be valid
assert post.valid?

Here we are creating a post object and checking if it is valid to ensure that it got created.


One of the built-in ruby testing frameworks. Run test cases in Rails with bin/rspec (reqiures being initialized).

Rails Fixture Testing

Built-in to ActiveRecord, Fixtures let you test the ActiveRecords themselves (testing on the database) by populating the testing database with sample data (in yaml format).

Testing Controller and Views (Functional Testing)

Uses ActionController::TestCase < ActiveSupport::TestCase < MiniTest::Test. Also MiniTest! Introduces more asserts like assert_response for http responses.

Can be used to directly test http requests using the http VERBS:

test "should create article" do
  assert_difference('Article.count') do
    post :create, article: {title: 'Some title'}
  assert_redirected_to article_path(assigns(:article))

Views can be tested using assert_select to verify HTML content on page:

assert_select 'title', "Welcome to Rails Testing Guide"

assert_select(selector, [equality], [message]) ensures that the equality condition is met on the selected elements through the selector. The selector may be a CSS selector expression (String) or an expression with substitution values.

assert_select(element, selector, [equality], [message]) ensures that the equality condition is met on all the selected elements through the selector starting from the element (instance of Nokogiri::XML::Node or Nokogiri::XML::NodeSet) and its descendants.

Integration Testing

Tests interaction among controllers. Test work flow for the application. In test/integration folder.

From ActionDispatch::IntegrationTest < ActiveSupport::TestCase.