Unix File Structure

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Single rooted tree at /. Instead of separate trees (as with disk partitioning), volumes can be mounted on a directory. Two-disk setups used to be common, with first disk with startup programs and second mounted as /usr.


Contains binaries, including fundamental utilities like ls and cp used to mount /usr. This is loaded in the $PATH which exposes these binaries as commands from your shell.


Contains files required for booting process


System-wide configuration files and system databases.


Location of special or device files. Files here can represent external devices like speakers, or data volumes.


Contains user home directories. OSX useds /Users instead.


Contains shared libraries needed by programs in /bin


Default mount point for removable devices


Locally installed software.


procfs virtual filesystem showing informaiton about processes as files


Home directory for superuser "root".


System binaries, containing fundamental utilities like init for start, maintain, and recovery of system.


User file system. Holds executables , libraries, shared resources not system critical.


Variable, place for files that change often.