Software Testing

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Fault, Error, Failure

Program must be RIP for a failure to occur: Reachable, incorrect state, propagates to output

Avoidance, Detection (testing), Tolerance (redundancy)

Structural Coverage

Static Testing at compile time involves review through code inspection (code review)

Dynamic Testing includes black and white box testing

Need testing critera to define coverage

Subsumption: a test criterion C1 subsumes C2 iff forall test sets that satisfy C1 also satisfy C2. In other words, A subsumes B if it's a strictly weaker coverage criterion

Buffer overflow is a common security vulnerability, and occurs when input overruns a buffer's boundary and overwrites adjacent memory.

Graph Theory Review highlights:

When talking about node or edges in a graph G in coverage criterion, generally syntactically reachable

Single Entry Single Exit graphs: Type of control flow graph where all test paths start at a single node and end at another

we have some mapping pathG from our test cases to test paths

Node Coverage: forall nodes in reachG[N0], our TR specifies some requirement to visit node n

Edge Coverage: all reachable paths of length 1 are required to be visited based on our TR (includes the 0 edges case too)

Edge Pair Coverage:** TR contains each reachable path of length up to and including 2, in G.

Simple Path has no duplicate nodes except possibly at its ends

Prime Path is simple and does not appear as a subpath of any other simple path

Test paths are not a subset of Prime Paths


Concurrent Programs