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Command line utility for building and managing virtual machines. Used in conjunction with shell scripts to automatically build consistent and iscol development environments.

Benefits of Vagrant


$ vagrant init hashicorp/precise64
$ vagrant up

vagrant init creates Vagrantfile in current directory. Can take one parameter, the box.
vagrant up launches machine and installs/updates dependencies, based on box template.

Vagrant Boxes

Vagrant uses base images, called "boxes", to clone instead of building virtual machines from scratch everytime. Hashicorp's Box Catelog has many boxes.

Up and SSH

After vagrant up, virtual machine will be running. Run vagrant ssh to SSH into the machine. vagrant suspend closes the machine. vagrant destroy delete the vm.

Synced Folders

The synced folder on the virtual machine is found in /vagrant in root. This is synced to the hosting machine's folder where the Vagrantfile is on the host machine. Clone the project to the folder with Vagrantfile on host.