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Specifies sets of filenames using wildcard characters. Used in unix terminal for specifying groups of files. Notably used in .gitignore.

Glob patterns are anchored at either end, a* would match at but not cat since the pattern is anchored on the left by the a.

Wildcard Description Example
* matches anything *.txt => [README.txt, anytextfile.txt ...]
? matches a single character ?at => [cat, bat, sat...]
[abc] matches one of given characters [CB]at => [Cat, Bat]
[a-z] matches one char in range
[!abc] matches one char not in given

Example of gitignore:

# no .a files

# but do track lib.a, even though you're ignoring .a files above

# only ignore the TODO file in the current directory, not subdir/TODO

# ignore all files in the build/ directory

# ignore doc/notes.txt, but not doc/server/arch.txt

# ignore all .pdf files in the doc/ directory